Screening Process

  • First contact: Please forward you business plan to We shall then approach you with possible follow-up questions. All provided information will, of course, be treated highly confidential.
  • After studying the information basis of the investment case and after succeeding in a first round project evaluation, the project initiator(s) will explain their business plan and provide further background information. As a typical follow-up, another set of in-depth questions will need to be answered and discussed.
  • Once the investment case is sufficiently mapped-out, cornerstones of a possible investment become subject to a Term Sheet. At that time, we will typically request project exclusivity.
  • After closing the Term Sheet, project details are scrutinized as part of a financial, technical and legal due diligence.
  • A successful due diligence emerges into the draft of a Joint Venture Agreement that is based upon the earlier Term Sheet. The Agreement is subject to all relevant details and possible implications of a future partnership, including an investment expenditure plan.

We are interested in long-term value creation, not in short-term opportunity hopping. We are not fixated to a maximum duration of investment and are not pressured by short-term exit expectations.